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Farah Abdirahman

Farah Abdirahman

Software Developer Modcom, Student KCA University

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Build RAG Chat App using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure OpenAI


Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is a way of making chat applications intelligently retrieve a subset of data from your data store to provide specific, contextual knowledge to the large language model to support how it answers a user’s prompt and ground its responses to your specific use case.​ Azure Cosmos DB for Mongo DB vCore is one of the only Azure databases that provides built-in vector search at any scale which makes it easy for you to store your semi-structured data and query it at the same time and place with the powerful capabilities of speed and scalability that Azure Cosmos DB gives to you. You no longer need to store your data somewhere and perform a search over it in another place as Azure Cosmos DB was built for AI-Driven Applications to do everything you need in one place.