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Per-Torben Sørensen

MCT, M365 certified expert, technical architect at Crayon and founder of

Boasting 25 years of experience in IT, primarily in implementing and managing Microsoft infrastructure, Per-Torben Sørensen is distinguishing himself as a notable technical architect, aiding clients and partners in achieving success with M365. Initiating and elucidating complex technical discussions, he is translating intricate terms into comprehensible information for non-technical stakeholders, establishing himself as an esteemed educator in the realm of adoption and end-user training.

With a well-established track record of successfully implementing M365 for both small and large customers, focusing on security configuration, Per-Torben is utilizing his profound technical expertise, determination, and experience to consistently strive for top-tier quality in all his projects.

All Sessions by Per-Torben Sørensen

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm
Room 3 ( Security)

No more identity theft! Harden your identity security today

This session is a level 300 session designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how to enhance the security of Entra ID using Conditional Access and passkeys. The session begins with an overview of Entra ID, a robust identity management solution, and the importance of identity security in the current digital landscape. The focus then shifts to Conditional Access, a critical component in maintaining security. Participants will learn how Conditional Access works and how it can be leveraged to strengthen Entra ID security. The session will delve into the steps for hardening Conditional Access, providing participants with practical knowledge they can apply in their organizations. The session also covers the use of passkeys as an additional layer of security. Participants will learn how passkeys can be integrated with Entra ID and Conditional Access for enhanced security and perhaps even a passwordless solution.