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Brenda Chiteri

Cloud Solution Architect

As a technology enthusiast and Academic Researcher, I strongly believe in the power of innovation to bring about positive change. With expertise in cloud solution architecture and software engineering, my goal is to use technology to drive advancements that benefit society. I am always eager to explore new horizons, particularly in artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, while keeping a focus on ethical considerations. Understanding the important connection between technology and societal development, I am driven by a curiosity to see how cutting-edge solutions can create a more connected and ethical world. I am committed to bridging the gap between technological innovation and societal well-being, with a dedication to learning and contributing to a future where technology plays a positive role in transformation.

All Sessions by Brenda Chiteri

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm
Room 5 (App & Innovation)

Building Intelligent Apps on Azure Kubernetes Service

In this session, we will explore deploying a multi-container application, incorporating Golang with Gin, Rust with Actix-Web, JavaScript with Vue.js and Fastify, and Python with FastAPI, onto Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). As we familiarize ourselves with its functionalities, we'll enrich it with AI capabilities to unlock its full potential. Using the Azure Developer CLI, we'll smoothly deploy our enhanced app onto AKS, ensuring seamless operation in the cloud. To further enhance our efficiency in cloud operations, we'll leverage the prowess of Microsoft Copilot for Azure, providing us with intelligent insights at every step.