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Brayan Kai Mwanyumba

Data Scientist & Technical Writer

Brayan Kai is a Data Scientist Passionate about Communities, Technical Writing and Open-Source Advocacy.
He currently volunteers at different developer communities across Africa including Google Crowdsource, Open-Source Community Africa, She Code Africa, PyLadies Ghana and Dev Careers. All this owing to his strong passion for supporting fellow upcoming technologists, women in tech and advocating for inclusion and diversity. He calls this his personal mission.
It makes him happier, more balanced, and gives him a stronger sense of purpose to innovate, share, and teach in and with the community rather than just for it.

All Sessions by Brayan Kai Mwanyumba

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm
Room 1 (Data & AI)

Streamlining the LLM Development Process with Azure AI Studio

Description Large Language Models (LLMs) are becoming increasingly popular, but developing, training, and deploying them can be a challenging task that requires a significant amount of computing resources and specialized machine learning knowledge. Fortunately, cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure are making it possible for a wider range of users to create and deploy LLMs with ease. In this talk, we will explore how Azure AI Studio suite simplifies the entire process of working with LLMs. We will discuss how to access pre-trained models, customize them to your specific needs, and deploy them directly within your infrastructure. In addition, we will look at practical examples of open-source models, such as Meta's model, as well as Llama 2, and OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. Additional notes Below are the key takeaways atendees can expect to walk away with after this session: 1. Gain insight into the latest innovations in large language model development and deployment, and how cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure are making these technologies more accessible to a wider range of users. 2. Learn how to access pre-trained models, customize them to specific requirements, and deploy them seamlessly within your infrastructure while exposing APIs for further consumption. 3. Understand how to use popular open-source models like Meta's model, Llama 2, and OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models in practical examples, and gain the knowledge you need to confidently create and deploy your own LLMs with ease.